Tricks of the Trade – Storing Fish

Tricks of the Trade – Storing Fish

Fresh fish is always best but if you caught too much to eat in one night, here are some tips for filleting and storing your fish.

Keep it cold!
Chilling fish helps set the flesh, minimises blood loss and makes it much easier when it comes to filleting! If it is possible, we recommend that you leave your fish chilled for 24 hours after catching before you fillet.

Avoid Wetting the Fish!
When it comes to filleting your fish, try not to wet the fillets. Use paper towels to wipe off where possible and if you do need to wet it, use salt water! Using fresh water on fillets creates osmosis (burn) and results in a less flavoursome fillet.

Drain the Fish!
Before storing your fish, pat it dry with a paper towel. If you are storing in a container, line it with paper towels first. Better yet, store it in a way that allows the fish to drain. This helps to remove any extra liquid on the fish.

Vacuum Sealing!
If you store fish often, consider buying a vacuum packer. These work best as they remove all air from the package as they are sealed, making the fish store for longer and preventing the fish from losing its flavour.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, use this trick for air tight sealing with nothing but a snap lock bag and a bucket of water!

1. Place fish fillets inside snap lock bags (flat is best as it is easier to store in the freezer) and prepare a bucket fill of water.

2. With the snap lock seal out in the air, slowly push the bag into the water. Use the pressure created from the water to remove the air from the bag and seal it.

3. Voila! Sealed fish ready for the fridge or freezer

Once sealed, store it in the fridge or freezer!