R Marine Flagship Presents…

Galley Gourmet

A collection of beautiful fresh boat-friendly recipes, that are sure to have you and your guests going in for seconds!

  • Steamed One Pot Diamonds
    Steamed One Pot Diamonds Ingredients 1kg Clams (we used Cloudy Bay Clams Diamond shell) Half a red onion 2-3 cloves […]
  • Storm Fettuccine
    Storm Fettuccine Ingredients Your choice of clams (we used Cloudy Bay Clams Storm shell) Pasta (we used fresh fettuccine) 1/2 […]
  • BBQ Fish Steaks
    BBQ Fish Steaks This recipe works with any fish, we used Hapuka from the Auckland fish market. We recommend using […]
  • Marinated Skirt
    Marinated Skirt A highly underrated yet amazing beef steak cut that is great on gas or charcoal. This dish can […]
  • Two Ways to Prepare Raw Fish
    Quick, easy with no cooking involved, these recipes are the perfect go to when you’ve got fresh fish!
  • Lemon Pepper BBQ Fish
    A delicious guilt-free meal which will have you wanting more, this BBQ fish recipe is quick, easy and beautiful. Note: […]

If you have a great, easy and tasty recipe that you love to cook on your boat,
please send it to marketing@riviera.co.nz for us to share with the extended R Marine Family!