Photo above: Moored in Paradise Bay, Urapukapuka Island, BOI on Easter Sunday 2018.

We purchased our 52ft flybridge Riviera ‘Majesnik’ in November 17 through RMarine South Australia. After cruising the Qld Coral Coast for a few months we decided where ready for our next adventure. New Zealand here we come!

We left Southport QLD on the 24th of February to head to Lord Howe Island. The forecast wasn’t great but there was a chance that later in the week we would have a great window to travel from Lord Howe to NZ. We carried an extra 3000L of fuel even though we had the range to get to Lord Howe, not having used bladders before we thought we would trial it on the shorter trip. We had seas to at least 2.5 meters and the wind was gusting to 31.5 knots, it was a testing start to the trip. Luckily at about 11pm the sea calmed to about 1.5 meters. It took 31 hours to get to Lord Howe doing an average of 13 knots.
Lord Howe Island was beautiful, the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t do much on the water but we got to discover the island. Having sat the weather out we were refuelled and ready to go. Weather conditions were perfect. Flat seas with a slight swell.

We were also lucky enough to have a full moon so there was plenty of vision at night. Even though the conditions were great it was still tiring. With just the two of us on board, my partner Gabriella and I took it in 6 hour shifts. Just after we reached the Three Kings Islands as the sun was setting the weather turned for the worst. We were punching into 3-4 meter seas. The boat was handling it well but I wasn’t, at this stage of the trip I was feeling very lethargic so I decided to head into Hooper Point (Spirits Bay) for shelter. Not having been there before I was quite weary as of the drying reefs but my options were either take shelter from the weather of keep going. We dropped anchor and had a well needed sleep. The next day we woke early to tackle the last 90n/m into our Port of Entry Opua. On the 4th of March after a total of 95 hours driving, 9 days on the boat, 1250n/m and 10000L of fuel we were finally in New Zealand safely.

For the last month Gabriella and I have been enjoying this beautiful country and look forward to spending the next 9 months here.

The photo taken was of myself Russell Bianco and Gabriella. The couple that were with us were cousins Anton and Amy that had flown into NZ from Adelaide to spend Easter with us fishing. Gabriella and I live in Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.