Checking your Safety Gear

Checking your Safety Gear

As we move into the not-so boat-friendly weather, we remind you to check your boats safety gear. We have compiled a list of items to check & created a printable checklist for you.

Life Jackets 

Check life jackets for any damage. It is a requirement by law for there to be the correct size lifejackets for everybody on your vessel.
Service any inflatable lifejackets. To check that the canisters have not been used, unscrew the canister and ensure that there are no punctures in it.

Fire Extinguishers & Flares

Check all expiry dates on flares and fire extinguishers. Replace or service as required.

Emergency Equipment

Life ring, life raft or throw bag, familiarise yourself with the location and how to operate it.

First Aid

Ensure that your first aid kit is regularly checked and used items are replaced.
We can supply full offshore first aid kits, contact the R Marine Team for more information.


Check the batteries on all of your portable equipment. Such as torches, radios and GPS. It’s always good practice to have spares onboard.

VHF Radio

Check that all VHF radios on board are sending and recieving. Check batteries on any portable radios.


Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. Test the device (refer to the operational manual). Ensure that your EPIRB or PLB battery is within its replacement date.

Engine Spares

Check that you have a complete spare parts inventory, that they are in working order and replace any which have been used.
Which spare parts you have aboard vary based on the size of your vessel, what equipment you have onboard and how you use the boat. Contact us for an individualised recommended Spare Parts list.

We have a large selection of safety gear down at our On Water Sales Arena
123 Westhaven Drive, St Mary’s Bay